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Well, Not Perfect

Oct 10, 2021

Today October 10th, 2021, is World Mental Health Day. 


On behalf of Simply Bee and our relationship with MTV Entertainment and Mental Health Is Health, we are using this opportunity for you to get inspired and take action towards mental health in your life and your community. This is on the heels of May 20th, the first inaugural Mental Health Action Day, where we along with 800+ other brands influenced the world to see mental health as health. This momentum is just getting started and we are back again today to inspire you to take action. 


In this special edition episode, I sat down with Brent Draper, a MasterChef Australia contestant who is the BEST example of someone who took action towards his mental health and never compromised his well being for a winning title. In a world filled with competition at any cost and the fear of missing out, most people would hide their pain and suffer through a mental health crisis: but not Brent. 


Listen in as Brent describes how it felt to raise his hand on national television and tell the judges that he was going home to take care of himself and why he never regretted his choice to choose mental health over all else. 


On today's episode you will learn:

  1. Why action is required if you want to get better
  2. How to ask for help even when you don’t feel like it
  3. What men can do to break the mental health stigma amongst one another


Please enjoy this special episode powered by simply bee and MTV Entertainment and Mental health is health. Welcome to another episode of well not perfect. 

To connect with Brent, you can find him on Instagram @brentdraper_ or his website