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Well, Not Perfect

May 18, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Well, Not Perfect. 


Today’s guest is someone who uses her expertise to change the lives of people around the world. 


I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Ariana Gibson, a documentary filmmaker, mental health activist, and the founder and CEO of STIGMA. Stigma is a new mental health app that uses storytelling to fight loneliness and improve mental health. In addition to the app she has an amazing TicTok account that I can’t get enough of.


Through her work, Ariana has given people a safe space to publicly share their stories, ask for help and see that they are not alone. 


 As a mental health professional, I know firsthand how essential it is for people to have access to spaces like this. 


I’m so grateful to Ariana for the hope she is instilling in communities far and wide and can’t wait for you to get an inside look into her work. 


Listen now to hear the powerful ways that the STIGMA App is crowdsourcing hope.


In today’s episode you will learn:

  1. The power of storytelling and its effect on breaking the mental health stigma;
  2. The role of social media can have in helping people feel connected; and 
  3. How The STIGMA app helps people find purpose and can have a place to heal and find hope.


Welcome to another episode of Well, Not Perfect. 


To connect with Ariana and The Stigma App, you can find it at: