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Well, Not Perfect

Nov 30, 2019

Do you measure your worth based on how much you got done? If you are someone who measures her success based on a to-do list, then this episode is for you because your worth is NOT measured by a list of to-dos, your sense of worth lives inside of your mind. It’s time to conquer it. Learn how to slow down and measure your worth from the inside out.

Today I sit down with Dr. Ashley Solomon, a Cincinnati-based psychologist and owner of Galia Collaborative. She is a wife and new mother to her fourth children and a down to earth psychologist who leads with vulnerability and compassion for her clients. If you’re like me, you’re tired of measuring your self-worth on how productive you look.

From our conversation you will learn one way to slow down and put your phone away, how to see change as a positive thing, and what therapy looks like for women in their 20’s, now verses a decade ago.

I promise you, this episode deserves your FULL attention!

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