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Well, Not Perfect

Mar 2, 2020

If you are someone who has been told to keep your opinion to yourself in order to fit in to society’s image of the perfect female then this podcast is for you because were breaking down why it is important to let young girls say what they’re thinking and have their own voices. 

Today you will why letting go of what people think will make you happier and how to self validate when you’re feeling disappointed with where your at in life when you expected more. 
Today I chat with host of After Orange Slices podcast Bridget Case who dives into her experiences of child and how it has affected her adult life as a professional cheerleader and sports broadcaster in the challenging world of media. She talks about how she copes with her mental health, and how to sustain healthy relationships and avoid toxic friends.
Bridget and I had so much to talk about we had to break it into two episodes. Check out episode 2 which focuses on her adolescent years and how she coped with her mental health and listen to her story about how she even spent a night in jail and how that has impacted her perspective today.
Welcome to another episode of AOTC
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