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Well, Not Perfect

Nov 6, 2019

If you’re like me, saying no is hard. It’s even harder as a woman when we are taught to be the “nice girl” After listening to Anne Levinstein a female veteran police officer, turned divorce coach and mediator, you will learn why it’s not safe to be the nice girl and why a firm 'no' can save your life. If that wasn’t enough she will also teach you how to date like a CEO and take charge in your relationships.

Guest Anne Levinstein 

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We believe the foundation of self-defense is a safe, strong, and positive mindset, and we build from there. Empowerment and self-defense is as much about respecting your emotional boundaries as it is protecting your physical ones.  We hope to instill within you a clear vision about what it means to be a "hard target." Our workshops offer instruction on focused strikes, chokehold/bear hug escapes, and basic ground fighting (skills police officers learn in the academy), but we also place a heavy emphasis on learning how to spot a potential threat and preventing a violent attack in the first place.
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Similarly, assessing whether a situation has the combination of factors that are associated with escalated risk and danger requires that you know what questions to ask, and then know how to consider all your answers in a way that enhances insight. The MOSAIC method works by breaking a situation down to its elements, factor-by-factor, and then seeing what picture emerges when the pieces of the puzzle are put together.