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Well, Not Perfect

Jul 20, 2022

Hello & welcome back to another episode of Well, Not Perfect. 


Today’s guest is someone who knows first hand what it’s like to overcome a seemingly impossible challenge. 


Nick Lavery is an active-duty member of The United States Army Special Forces. In 2013, on Nick's second combat rotation to Afghanistan, he and his Detachment fell victim to an insider attack ultimately resulting in the loss of his leg. Following a year of surgeries and recovery, he returned to his Detachment and was deployed once again. Nick is considered the first Special Forces operator to return to combat as an above-the-knee amputee and I was honored to hear his story.


This episode gives listeners an in depth look into the mindset Nick relies on to continuously achieve his goals. His story and outlook on life are testament to the power of committing to your purpose and developing a strong sense of self. 


Nick’s perseverance, humility, and intelligence were evident to me throughout our conversation. I know that you will walk away feeling inspired by his attitude and motivated to prioritize your own growth, too. 


In this episode, you will learn:


  1. How to compare yourself to others with gratitude instead of self-pity;
  2. How to become more systematic about achieving your goals; and
  3. How to let go of distractions and focus on what truly matters most to you.


Welcome to another episode of Well, Not Perfect.


To connect with Nick, you can find him at: