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Well, Not Perfect

Mar 24, 2020

Whether you are someone who is skeptical about astrology, or an avid horoscope reader this episode is for you because were diving into everything you need to know to use astrology to transform your life.

Today you will learn, what a birth chart really is and how to use it to your benefit, what mercury in retrograde really means, and why it’s important that we demystify astrology. 

Today chat with Laurel O’Sullivan owner of THE Woman’s Coach who dives into her past experience working as a lawyer and how that helps her in her current field of Astrology. She gives me insight on my own  birth chart and helps an astrology novice like me really understand it. She also explains why my birthday, January 12th was the most defining day of the year and what that exactly means for not only me but for everyone.

This has been one of the most interesting episodes I have recorded yet, make sure to check below in the show notes to see how you can get a reading done with Laurel and have your mind blown like I did.


Instagram: @theewomanscoach