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Well, Not Perfect

Jun 26, 2020

If you are a businesswoman, this is the perfect episode for you because I’m chatting with two inspirational sisters, Sarah and Erin Potempa the owners and creators of The Beachwaver and a local store which is my favorite, B.Bungalow here in Libertyville, Illinois.


This episode was recorded all the way back before COVID believe it or not, and we met at a really fantastic networking event that we partnered at their local boutique with Simply Bee Counseling and B.Bungalow.


So we couldn’t stop there so we had to meet up again and dive deep into the stories and the message that we want to relay to all business women out there and If we can do it, you can for sure do it too!


Today you will learn, the importance of empowering other women, how to share your stories of success unapologetically, and finally how to start before you're ready even if you're afraid to jump into your dreams.


Connect with Sarah Erin and Beachwaver below to watch them grow and reach all of their fantastic dreams. Welcome to another episode of Audrey Off The Cuff.

Instagram: @sarahpotempa, @erinpotempawall @thebeachwaver @b.workbybeachwaver