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Well, Not Perfect

May 5, 2020

If you are someone who has a goal in mind and wants to show the world what it is but the imposter syndrome is getting in the way then this episode is for you because we talk about the mind traps of self doubt and the fear that holds you back from showing the world what it is you are capable of. 

Today you will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and get off that hamster wheel of self doubt, how to create a community of people who know that you are capable of great things and hold you accountable for going big even when you want to play small and lastly, why its important to seek out mentorship and coaching in your weaker areas and chose to grow and learn rather than feeling inferior and quit. 
If you are someone who knows that you have a gift, skill or knowledge that needs to be shared with the world then this episode is for you because today I chat with Lacy Boggs, the owner of the Content Direction Agency. Lacy is incredibly knowledgable in the feild of content marketing but also a true inspiration for all of us who have big dreams to never give up. 
Instagram: @lacylu42