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Well, Not Perfect

Nov 19, 2019

Did you know more and more adults are identifying procrastination as one of biggest causes of anxiety? Yet it remains a taboo topic for most adults? Why is that? Well today we explore why it’s not just teenager thing, it’s something we all do in varying degrees. Today on AOTC we dive into the nitty gritty aspects of procrastination to figure out exactly what is and how we can stop sabotaging ourselves and ascend into massive success both personal and professional life.My guest today is Dr Christine Li, a NY based psychologist who is a recovering procrastinator herself and now is the owner of Procrastination Coach. An extremely popular program that provides people with the tools to live their best life and ascend into their level of success without sabotaging their progress. 

From our conversation you will learn how procrastination impacts your relationships, what you can do to over come self-sabotage and how you can recover from procrastination and ascend into your level of success faster. 

Instagram: @procrastinationcoach