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Well, Not Perfect

Apr 14, 2020

If you are someone who has struggled to find self-love, then this episode is for you because we are breaking down why self-love isn’t just a cliché and what it can do for you after you find it.

Today you will learn, why therapy is important even though it might seem selfish, how to become a leader when you’ve never considered yourself as one, and that it is ok to want more than what you already have.

In this episode, the owner of The Dailey Method, Rebecca Asfour and I recorded this live in front of an audience of about 25 of her members at her studio. Rebecca opens up to the audience and to the listeners here about her journey to self-love and where it has brought her. She discusses her childhood where she moved around a lot causing her to lose her identity, and lack gratitude and community which followed her into her adult life. And even when she thought she was content being a stay at home mom she could tell something was still missing. She started as a client of the Dailey Method, became an instructor and now owns two locations. She found a way to incorporate something she enjoyed into what she needed to be content and became the leader she never thought she could be. 

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