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Well, Not Perfect

Dec 10, 2019

Are you searching for a way to feel more confident in your skin?
If you are someone who avoids looking in the mirror and prefers to be intimate in the dark this episode is for you because it’s not about how you look it's about how you feel inside. Discover how boudoir photography can empower you.
Today I sit down with Liz Hansen owner of Chicago Boudoir photography and your coach behind the lens. She is a wife, mother and successful business owner who took her talent and transformed her photography sessions into an empowerment bootcamp for women of all body shapes and sizes.
If you're like me, your body has changed through the years and you’re finding ways to rediscover how to be sexy again.  From our conversation you will learn how to prepare yourself for a boudoir photography session and how to feel safe in vulnerable moments. 
...And just a side note Liz and I had so much to say we broke our conversation up into two episodes, part two focuses on being a woman in the small business industry.  
Liz Hansen
The owner and photographer of Chicago Boudoir Photography, a boutique photo studio that empowers women through beautiful portraits
IG: @chicago.boudoir