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Well, Not Perfect

Oct 6, 2021

Welcome back, everyone! I have an AMAZING show for you today. I sit down and vibe with Lola Wright. When I mean vibe, I mean I sit down and find myself immediately absorbed into the conversation with her. 


She is incredibly smart, insightful, and in tune with the world today. Every guest I have on the show is special in their own way and Lola is special because she is incredibly aware of the bigger picture that we often lose when we live our day-to-day life. She pulls the lens back and helps us see what it means to be part of a bigger system on a global scale and how we need to recalibrate and reconnect to others and build up a sense of community again after the impact of COVID-19. 


If you are a personal growth junkie then this episode is for you. Sit back and enjoy as you listen to Lola’s uplifting advice on how to achieve the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 


In today’s episode you will learn:

  1. How our individual experiences are connected to so much more than just ourselves
  2. How to find congruence between your internal and external world; and
  3. How to breakthrough old narratives to find growth for yourself and your community


For more thought-provoking insight from Lola, you can find her at:

  • Instagram: @lolapwright 
  • Facebook: @lolapwright
  • Podcast: Find Your Fierce & Loving

Website: - be sure to check out her ‘Our Circle’ membership community!