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Well, Not Perfect

Dec 10, 2019

Do you aspire to open your own business but you let fear get in your way?
If you are someone who has a talent and want to enter the world of ownership then this is the episode for you because Liz Hansen, owner of Chicago Boudoir Photography tells us why you don’t need to have it all figured out before you start.
It is time to be your own boss.
In this podcast you will learn three must do’s before starting a business, the difference between networking for business and connecting for friendship, and why niching is a good business strategy. 
And just a side note Liz and I had so much to say we broke our conversations down into two episodes, check out part one where Liz and I discuss how to prepare for a boudoir session and the empowering effect it can have on you. 
Liz Hansen
The owner and photographer of Chicago Boudoir Photography, a boutique photo studio that empowers women through beautiful portraits
IG: @chicago.boudoir