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Well, Not Perfect

Nov 3, 2021

Today on Well, Not Perfect I have a guest who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. I would like to introduce you to Mason Spector, the Co-Founder of Madhappy, a global lifestyle and apparel brand on a mission to create a more optimistic and inclusive world. Mason has been named Forbes 30U30 and is changing the world through his platform and lifestyle brand. Sit down, get cozy and join us as we talk about our personal missions to continue to disrupt the stigma of mental health and use our platforms to make this world a more optimistic place.  


Today you will learn:

  1. The benefit of therapy
  2. Why it’s important to see mental health as a social issue
  3. And how businesses like Madhappy are using their platforms and brands to disrupt the mental health stigma 


For tons of great, free resources, check out and be sure to listen to The Madhappy Podcast for more conversations about mental health - available on all platforms. 


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