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Well, Not Perfect

May 20, 2020

Has mental health impacted your life or someone you know? If so then this is the episode for you because today I sit down with Nancy Eigel-Miller founder of the nonprofit 1N5. Nancy turned a devastating life experience into the fuel to drive her new lifes purpose which is to save young lives from suicide. Her organization partners with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to implement mental health education programs to students ranging from kindergarten to college to raise awareness around mental health and prevent suicide. 

Today you will learn how to stay persistent in the face a doubt, how to share your story without stigma to break the cycle and how to model self care and mental wellness to prevent mental illness for generations to come. 

Prepare yourself to be in awe of her strength, grit and determination to never take no for an answer. This is for everyone who need to know that life is worth living no matter what. 

Welcome to another episode of AOTC. 




Youtube: 1N5