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Well, Not Perfect

Jul 8, 2020

Today I have a slightly different episode for you, and I hope you listen because today I don't so much as an interview as I do listen.


Today's episode is not so much different from therapy lessons where the importance isn't in asking questions but deeply listening to the stories of a survivor.


If you or someone you know has ever been in an abusive relationship this is the episode for you today because I’m talking to Beth Watson, a survivor, and activist. Beth's Instagram account @yourinnersherlock gives you an honest look at the mindset of a survivor and the horrible manipulation that's called gaslighting.


Today she tells her story about the toxic relationship she survived and she's on a mission to help others understand so they can catch it and stop it.


Today you will learn, why people lose their intuition while they are in an abusive relationship, red flags of a narcissist, and the importance of setting boundaries. If this episode resonates with you make sure you check out the show notes and see where you can connect with Beth and learn more about how you can get help if you are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship.


This is a really important episode and I hope you enjoy another one of Audrey Off The Cuff.

Instagram: @yourinnersherlock


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