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Well, Not Perfect

Jul 29, 2020

So today's episode is with Amanda Jane Daley, she's a leading business mentor for health coaches worldwide. She's renowned for her marketing expertise with over 19 years of experience and has earned recognition by top advertising awards and has built her own 7 figure coaching business in under 5 years.

Amanda combines her business coaching savy, mentorship, and other health coaching tactics to build a heartfelt business and freedom-based lifestyle. Amen! Don't we all want that?

Today you will learn and understand why your mind is more powerful than traditional medical sources make you believe, how mindset can improve your health, the power of feminine energy in business, and why it's a powerhouse for success.

And I'm going to add a fourth which I don't usually do but it's important for Amanda to get this message across which is, your health is never worth sacrificing in exchange for productivity at work. Amen to that, thank you Amanda for that! And let's get into another episode of Audrey Off The Cuff.

Instagram and Facebook: @AmandaJaneDaley Audrey Off The Cuff listeners can go to and visit Amanda's Facebook group for health coaches called Healthy Wealthy Society


Money Mindset w/ Audrey: