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Well, Not Perfect

Apr 1, 2020

If you are or someone you know is a rescue and responder then this podcast is for you because today we dive into the mental and physical demands that are unique to those people who put their life on the line every single day.

In this episode I sit down with Annette Zapp owner of Fire Rescue Wellness. Fire Rescue Wellness is dedicated to improving quality of life for Fire Fighters, both on and off duty. Firefighting can be one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet and the disparity between workforce fitness and the level of fitness required for the job can result in catastrophic injuries. Fire Rescue Wellness provides assessment, individualized program design and ongoing education for Firefighters and their Departments.

Annette and I as we discuss #allthethings being a firefighter for over 16 years, a lietutant leader to an all male team, and a woman who is meant to change the world of health for all men and women fire fighters.


Instagram: @firerescuewellness