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Well, Not Perfect

Jun 29, 2022

TW: Eating Disorders


Hi everyone and welcome back to Well, Not Perfect. 


This week we’re doing something a little different. I want to share with you again one of my favorite episodes from last season. Dionne Miller was my first guest on Season 2 and someone who I feel really embodies what this show is all about.


So whether you’ve listened to this episode before or not, I encourage you to tune in and get inspired by Dionne’s resilience, bravery and honesty.




Today on Well, Not Perfect, I am so proud to have Dionne Miller. She is an incredibly talented female Sports Anchor and Reporter at ABC7 Chicago. 


Prepare to get a glimpse inside of her incredibly resilient mind and see the personal side of her life that often doesn’t get seen on TV. 


As I was talking with Dionne, I couldn’t get over the fact that her story is just like so many other people I talk to who struggle with body image, perfectionism, and their relationship with food. 


What most may not know is that she has climbed the ranks in the broadcasting world all while battling an eating disorder and still fights for her recovery to this day. Dionne’s inspiring story shows us how faith, family, and perseverance work together to create joy. She is proof that success co-exists with mental and physical challenges to make up a beautiful life full of ups and downs. 


In today’s episode you will learn about: 

  1. How to fight the inner critic that lives in our minds
  2. Ways to keep a balanced mindset
  3. Why you can find hope and purpose too 


Dionne is a full-time, working mom of two and a hustler in an extremely cut-throat industry. She has a true passion for Chicago sports and Chicago sports fans and is the first full-time female in the ABC 7 Sports department. You can find her here: 

       Facebook: DionneMiller

       Instagram: @DmillerABC7

       Twitter: @dmillerABC7