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Well, Not Perfect

Jun 3, 2020

Do you practice gratitude everyday? If not, then this is the episode for you because today I’m chatting with Lani Silversides. Lani was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2018 and she found purpose in her diagnosis and founded the nonprofit, SG United Foundation and Mindful Performance, LLC to empower young girls through sports, mindfulness and leadership programming. 

Today you will learn, how to practice gratitude even in the toughest of times, how to break up the difficult moments in your life into chapters and steps to ease the uncertainty, and how to make healthy comparisons to feel better about whatever your situation is. 

Lani’s mindset and mission is so inspirational and motivating to everyone who knows her. If you're interested in having a program at your school, please check the show notes in the description to see how you can connect with Lani and empower the young girls in your life to become strong women!


Personal Instagram: @lanisilversides 

Nonprofit Instagram: @stronggirlsunited 

Youtube nonprofit:  

FB: Linkedin:  Websites: and

Guided journal for girls 8-12: 

"A Strong Girls' Guide to Being: Exercises and Inspiration for Becoming a Braver, Kinder, Healthier You"

( ) . 


Guided mental training journal for Ages 13+:

Unstoppable: A Mental Training Guide for Fueling Performance